Bring Life to Your Garden with Espalier Citrus Trees
Create a beautifull garden
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With spring already here there is no better time to beautify your garden and create a space filed with vivid colours and wonderful fragrances where you and your family can relax and enjoy the warm spring and summer days. With the right plants you can transform your garden into the perfect mixture of colours, aromas, and flavours and bring the beauty of nature right to your doorstep. When it comes to finding the best plants that will add more texture and interest to your landscape espalier citrus trees with their aromatic flowers, healthy fruits and lush green leaves are the ideal choice for any garden. Growing citrus trees as espaliers gives you more freedom when it comes to achieving the desired garden design plus it is a simple and effective way to grow healthy citrus fruits.


Although you don't need any special skills to grow espalier citrus trees , these are a few important factors that every gardener should know about the whole process. Espalier can be described as a method of training and pruning your trees to grow in a specific shape or pattern. This is an ancient method that has been used during the Middle Ages to create natural green walls, but some records suggest that the origins of the art of espalier can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Today espalier plants are a popular way to enhance the design of the exterior while adding an elegant touch of greenery. There are many creative options that can be used to make espaliers a vital part of your scenic landscape. They can be grown against a wall or fence, or you can use them to improve the look of any bare, unsightly area in your garden. By training them to grow flat against the desired surface you can not only save space and give your outdoors a functional layout, but create a unique and elegant garden design as well.

When training espalier citrus plants you should pay attention to some essential factors. First you should know that it is best to train the trees while they are still young, this provides you with more flexibility when choosing the growing pattern. When it comes to pattern and style of espaliering there are several options to choose from including horizontal, candelabra, Belgian lettuce and fan patterns. The horizontal pattern is one of the most commonly used and is ideal for growing plants along short fences as well as fruit trees against walls. The candelabra and fan patterns give the tree a unique and elegant design and are a great way to turn your plants into wonderful decorations.